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The Shepherd: A Poem by Lori Luhrman

The Shepherd

Their little hands 
search for me,
   hands covered with
Their little feet
While their eyes 
roam the halls
   in pursuit of me.
protect me,”
   they demand.

My hands 
search for  him,
   hands covered with
      peanut butter.
My feet move
While my eyes
   scan for signs of him.
comfort me,”
   I whisper.

I find them,
   hold them,
      abide with them.
He finds me,
   holds me,
      abides with me.

Lori and her husband, Chris, have been members of Northside Church for a little over two years. She attempts working from home while being a mom to Aliana, Matías, and a cat named Dobby. Lori particularly enjoys Northside Church because "everyone there feels like family."


  1. Thank you Lori for sharing this with us. After last night's Northside group conversation this poem is timely and even more beautiful to me. Oh how I need to be found, too, in the midst of the needs and demands pressing in all around me. thank you for this invitation to look for Him.

  2. What a joy to witness the breadth of gifts the Lord has given our church. Thank you for sharing this, Lori. Such beautiful images to remind us of the care of a loving Father, and how we are called to model that love, however imperfectly, for our own children.

  3. Lori my heart applauds and my fingers snap in response to your poem. Gooey, peanutbutter fingers hold faster than perfectly clean ones to God's unchanging hand anways ;-)

  4. Thank you Lori for your wonderful poem. I believe if you add music, this will be a hit song.

  5. Lovely and real. Thank you, friend.

  6. Love love love love this. -Nikki


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